Welcome to Rockman.exe Fusion v5
A Rockman (Megaman) dedicated to the fangame, Megaman Battle Network: Project Advent. You can learn more about Project Advent by heading over to its Information page.
About Project A.D.V.E.N.T
Project Advent is a fan-game based off of the Megaman.exe Battle Network Series created by Capcom. Our goal is create a game combining the best of EXE legacy into a single, action packed, thriller.
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Welcome to Rockman.exe Fusion v4
A Rockman (Megaman) dedicated to the fangame, Megaman Battle Network: Project Advent. You can learn more about Project Advent by heading over to its Information page.
Can Someone Say Upgrade?
Rockman.exe Fusion is proud to announce that our forums have recieved several new features!
July Update
The long awaited Project Advent update has arrived! Its been awhile since we've released anything good, so this will make up for it.

Kickin' Off the New Year Update, Part 1
Hey there guys, Careno here, how's it going? Good I hope, but if not, it will be after you've read this! We've got the first Project Advent update of the new year! So strap yourself in and prepare for this massive 2 part update. Read more...
Christmas Update: With new, improved PA Demo!!
Ho ho ho, Meeery Christmas! Ok, so it's not Christmas anymore, but better late than never, right? This update has some nice little goodies that I'm sure you will enjoy. It's rather small, but the info should make up for it. Read more...
October/November Update Part 2
Here's the next part of the update. So, what's in here, you ask? More information on the A.D.V.E.N.T. System, a new form discussed, and another little secret I let out of the bag. Read more...

Exe Fusion v5 is officially launched!

The Grand List of Composer Nominations!

After a few difficulties, our project's finally starting to get back on track, and we're moving faster than ever. But alas, we still lack Spriters and Composers, amongst other things. In an attempt to gather resources, we've been scouring entire websites for Spriters, Composers, and artists. This list, is a list of candidates, people who we want to contact, people who we want on our audio team.

Unfortunately, the list is too big. We need help narrowing it down. All members, anyone and everyone is allowed to give their two cents. And if you have any additional nominations, feel free to say so, and we'll add them to the list. Hopefully, with this method we can get a talented, flexible team of music artists who can give us a high-quality soundtrack that befits EXE.





















» Posted by Kilik 64

July 2010 Project Advent Update » Posted on Jul 02 2010
Well, it's been three years since this site began. Lots of hills and valleys, ups and downs. Many didn't think we'd make it this far, but here we are.

The big news about this update is the actual progress with the game. As many of you may know, we have been programming this game using GameMaker... or were doing that. While GM is not as difficult to learn as a true programming language, we went through far too much difficulty trying to find capable and committed programmers, and were locked into this cycle of hiring them, having them work, then having them disappear and/or quit and having to start all over again. This lead to dreadfully slow progress, and probably would have resulted in the eventual cancellation of Project Advent.

A few months ago, we made the decision to scrap GM and moved on to coding PA in C#. We have actually been coding for about a month now, and progress has been proceeding exponentially faster. We predict that we will be able to reach the same point as our last demo within another two months or so. We've been able to recruit more programmers than we've ever had on the team at any given point before, with even more potential recruits we need to look into. And now, a few screenshots showing our progress.

Now this may be a short update, so to make up for it we're going to leave you with a nice little treat.

Huzzah! Who could this mystery character be? Stay tuned to find out!

-Update written by Kilik

» Posted by Careno

3rd Anniversary of Rockman.exe Fusion & v5 Upgrades » Posted on Jul 02 2010

3 years have gone by and we're still going! Today is the 3rd Anniversary of Rockman.exe Fusion. A lot has changed since we originally opened up. On behalf of the staff I would like to thank all of our members for sticking with us this long, and we hope you'll continue to stay with us as we continue to grow. Cheers!

v5 Upgrades

As some of you may have noticed, the forums have undergone some changes. This is all part of the new Rockman.exe Fusion v5 upgrade. Over the course of the next few days the new v5 will be installed, tweaked, and set up. With this new upgrade there will be new features to look forward to. Please bear with us as these new changes go through.

» Posted by Careno

The 11-10-09 Update » Posted on Nov 10 2009
Anyone know what today is? No? Then allow me to fill you in. Back in September we made a small update which included the introduction of a mystery character. We also left you guys with a jigsaw puzzle and the challenge of putting it together and taking a guess at the mystery character. (For those of you who missed that update, you can read it here):

September 29, 2006 Project Advent Update
View on Forums | View on PA Home

We had some interesting guesses about who this character might be. The most popular guesses were Kai and Raika. Now, I'm sure you guys would really like some clarity on this matter. So lets get this extra special 11-10-09 Project Advent update started!

First off, I would like to thank Anonymous. He has put all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle released in the September Update into one file to make it easier to solve. You can find it at:


And now, I would also like to congratulate Anonymous on being the first person to put together the 3072 piece (No, it's still not a typo) Project Advent mystery jigsaw puzzle! As we said before, we will be rewarding the first few people who finish it, which leaves only 2 spots open! You can find information, leader boards, and downloads for any and all Project Advent Contests at:

The Project Advent Contests Center

With all that said and done, its time for the moment of truth. Just who is the mystery character? And what makes them so special that they deserve their own update? Many of you believed this was a returning character, but truth be told, he is actually the first Project Advent original character! On behalf of the Project Advent Development Team, I am proud to announce the arrival of Dima!

As I said, Dima is the first Project Advent original character put together by our wonderful development team. The question now remains, is he a new rival or ally? And lets not forget the most important question, is he a Netop? Only time will tell, but don't worry, we'll be seeing a lot more of Dima in future updates.

And for those of you who are wondering about the promo art posted for him in the last update, here's a gift:

Project Advent Dima Promo Full

We'll be releasing his official art and more details about him later on. Now I know we said this would be an extra special update so don't fear, we still have more ground to cover.

How many of you have been playing one of the Battle Network games, trying desperately to find a specific virus? Well you can kiss that problem goodbye! Project Advent will be introduction the Virus Index-Function, a handy little system that displays valuable information on all the virii you've encountered throughout the game. So how does it work and what "information" does it provide? Simple. Every time you encounter a new virus it will be placed in your Virus Index. The index provides all of the following information:

Health (Must defeat the virus at least once for this to show)
Chips Used (Virus must've used chip(s) at least once for this to show)
Location on the Net

Some of you may be saying "Well I can just find all this information on the internet." That is true, but only too a point. Should you be somewhere without internet, you're stuck. The Virus Index-Function is accessible in game, although only outside of battles. The Virus Index will also include any Net-Navi's you encounter, but that feature will not be available until later in the storyline.

That is all for this update. Remember, there are still 2 spots in the Jigsaw Puzzle Contest!

» Posted by Careno

September Update » Posted on Sep 29 2009
Hey there guys, its been while. If you're thinking "oh my gosh could this be a Project Advent update?!" then pat yourself on the back! You're 100% correct. Well mostly. Today the Development Team is releasing an update a little different than the other updates we've released. What do I mean by different? Well, this is going to be a rather small update, but for a very good reason which you'll find out later. Now, onto what you came here for.

Now there's been a poll on the main site for some time now. 64% of the voters wanted to see a new character in the next update, 28% wanted

to see a new Advent, and 6% wanted a new Battle Chip. So by popular demand, we have prepared for you artwork for a character whom we have not yet confirmed for the game until now.


PA Update Art

You didn't really think we'd show off something like this so easily did you? Of course not. Infact, we'd like to present you guys with a challenge. We've prepared a jigsaw puzzle type deal for you guys. If completed, you'll get a full look at this new character. We were even considering giving the first few people who complete it a special surprise. If you'll refer back to the image above, you'll notice the date 11/10/09. That is the 10th of November, 2009. This is the date we will be posting the full artwork of this character. Anyone who can complete the puzzle before that date will be rewarded. Don't worry though, we'll still continue the competition even after this date. (Trust me, you'll need all the time you can get to finish this nasty puzzle.) You'll find the ZIP file containing all 3072 pieces (No, that isn't a typo) at this link:


Good luck to everyone and be sure to check back here on November 10th for the extra special Project Advent update you won't want to miss!

» Posted by Careno

Happy 2 Year Anniversary Rockman.exe Fusion! » Posted on Jul 02 2009

Huzzah! Today, July 2nd 2009, marks the 2 Year Anniversary of Rockman.exe Fusion! We've been through some thin times, but nevertheless we're still kicking. A lot has changed since the site started out as a small forum 2 years ago. Since then a main site was added, both the forums and the site have undergone dramatic changes, and our prize jewel (aka Project Advent) has flourished with the release of 2 small demos. We ask that you all continue to support the site in the future!

(Note: If you're using IE4+ you should see balloons floating up the page. Only IE seems to work with this code sadly.)

» Posted by Careno

Minor Fixes » Posted on May 15 2009
Not much of an update, but I fixed a couple broken links and fix the layout of a few pages. And it also appears that the contact sheet on the Contacts page does not properly function, so please don't use it until I have the time to figure out why it doesn't work like it should.

» Posted by Careno

¡uoısnɟ ǝxǝ˙uɐɯʞɔoɹ ɯoɹɟ ʎɐp sןooɟ ןıɹdɐ ʎddɐɥ » Posted on Apr 01 2009
¡ǝɹoɯ puɐ sdıɥɔ ǝןʇʇɐq 'sɹǝʇɔɐɹɐɥɔ 'sɐǝpı 'ɐıpǝɯ pǝʇʇıɯqns ɹǝsn ƃuıpnןɔuı ʇuǝʇuoɔ ʇuǝʌpɐ ʇɔǝɾoɹd ǝʌısnןɔxǝ ɹoɟ sɯnɹoɟ ɹno ʇno ʞɔǝɥɔ oʇ ǝɹns ǝq osןɐ ˙ǝƃɐd sıɥʇ oʇ ɹǝɟǝɹ ǝsɐǝןd 'ɹǝdoןǝʌǝp ɐ ǝɯoɔǝq oʇ ǝʞıן pןnoʍ noʎ ɟı ˙ǝƃɐd uoıʇɐɯɹoɟuı sʇı oʇ ɹǝʌo ƃuıpɐǝɥ ʎq ʇuǝʌpɐ ʇɔǝɾoɹd ʇnoqɐ ǝɹoɯ uɹɐǝן uɐɔ noʎ ˙ʇuǝʌpɐ ʇɔǝɾoɹd :ʞɹoʍʇǝu ǝןʇʇɐq uɐɯɐƃǝɯ 'ǝɯɐƃuɐɟ ǝɥʇ oʇ pǝʇɐɔıpǝp (uɐɯɐƃǝɯ) uɐɯʞɔoɹ ɐ
4ʌ uoısnɟ ǝxǝ˙uɐɯʞɔoɹ oʇ ǝɯoɔןǝʍ

» Posted by Careno

Forum Updates » Posted on Mar 07 2009
Spent some time tweaking the forums. Highlights include:

-Upgrade user profile views
-New gender system
-New forum buttons
-Fixed several glitches with links and such
-Changed several parts of the skin

Stay tuned for more updates in the future.

P.S: We also recently affiliated with a new site!

Be sure to check out The Rockman.EXE Rogue Network when you get a chance.

» Posted by Careno

New Layout » Posted on Feb 16 2009
Just a small note, our site admin Careno has designed a new layout skin for our site forums. It's quite nice, and matches the skin you see on the main site, which is this. We hope it enhances your visual experience here at EXE Fusion.

» Posted by Wisher

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